About Us

About Us

The Carmel Valley Women’s Club Foundation is a social organization consisting of community-minded Monterey Peninsula women concerned with the welfare of Carmel Valley, the education of Carmel Valley’s young women and the individual needs of its membership.

Open membership; all net proceeds go to scholarships and community grants.


Club Officers & Chairs

President – Pat Gray
1st Vice-President, Programs – Jackie Lynch
2nd Vice-President, Venues – Les Terry
3rd Vice-President, Membership – Judy Proud
Recording Secretary – Penny Wood
Treasurer – Cynthia Rivera

Club Directors

Internal Communications and Correspondence – Susan Britton
Hospitality – Penny Wood
Marketing – Wendy Loftin

Appointments & Chairs

Parliamentarian – Pinkie Terry
Member Reception – Gwynn Romano
Web Maintenance – Susan Britton & Wendy Loftin
Budget Chair – TBA
     Committee: Demi Briscoe, Monique Gardiner, June Dawson
Nominating – TBA

Foundation Board & Chairs

Chairman & President of the Board – Pat Gray
Vice-President – Jackie Lynch
Secretary – Penny Wood
Treasurer – June Dawson
Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer – Pinkie Terry
Director – Connie Hong-Smith
Director – Demi Briscoe
Director – Renee Wagner
Director – Monique Gardiner

Foundation Chair Appointments

Budget – June Dawson
Community Allocations – Chair – Carol Baker Raj
Holiday Extravaganza Fundraising – Cynthia Rivera, Judy Zurlinden
Spring Fashion Fundraising: Sally King, Susan Watts
Spring Fashion Show Runway: Stephanie Byrne
Spring Fashion Show Venue: Jackie Lynch
Raffles – Pinkie Terry
Scholarships – Caroline Haskell, Peggy Dickson
Carmel Valley Cahmber of CommerceMember of Carmel Valley
Chamber of Commerce